Sumatra Mandheling G1

Sumatra Mandheling G1


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Hand Roasted Indonesian Coffee

Coffee Roast Type: Dark

Flavour Notes: Spicy, earthy

Body:  Medium, rich body

Acidity: Low

Coffee Packaging: Biodegradable bag

Farm:  KSU Adil Wiladah Mabrur and Koperasi Gayo Mandiri along with others

Coffee Varietal(s):  Catimor, Typica

Coffee Processing:  Giling basah (wet-hulled), sun-dried

Farm Altitude: 900–1,600 metres above sea level

Region:  Batak Region of West-Central Sumatra, Aceh

Country: Indonesia


Sumatra is the second-largest island in the Republic of Indonesia. This Sumatra Mandheling is grown on the lofty, volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser, near the port of Padang in west-central Sumatra.

Programs focusing on women's empowerment are also prevalent, such as supporting women during their pregnancy by purchasing necessary medical tools. They have also made an effort to hire women to do manufacturing work in processing facilities as well as training in financial management.

The natural drying method used in its production results in a very full body with a concentrated flavor, garnished with herbal nuances and a spicy finish. The coffee has a low acidity and a richness that lingers on the back corners on your tongue.

Giling Basah, the traditional Sumatran method of processing coffee, involves hulling the parchment off the bean at roughly 50 percent moisture content, versus at the 10 to 12 percent moisture that's common elsewhere. This unusual practice results in a trademark flavor profile—a low acidity and a richness that lingers on the back of the palate—and gives the beans a signature dark colour.