Fully washed Finca Las Mercedes coffee from Colombia which has Flavour Notes of Citrus, orange, sweet, brown sugar packaged in a biodegradable bag. Available wholebean or ground.

Finca Las Mercedes


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Hand Roasted Colombian Coffee

Coffee Type: Brew

Flavour Notes: Citrus, orange, sweet, brown sugar

Coffee Packaging: Biodegradable bag

Farm: Finca Las Mercedes

Coffee Varietal(s): Caturra 70%; Castillo 20%; Colombia 10%

Coffee Processing: Fully washed & dried on African beds

Farm Altitude: 1,750 to 2,050 metres above sea level

Farm Owner: Alfonso Eduardo Guerra Vélez

Town / City: San Bernardo de los Farallones del Citará, Ciudad Bolívar

Region: Antioquia

Country: Colombia

Total size of farm: 384 hectares

Certification: Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Kapeh and 4C certification.

Situated in the mild climate and mountainous terrain of southwest Antoquia, Finca Las Mercedes has the perfect climate and altitude for producing amazing quality coffee as well as providing a habitat for a diversity of native plants and animals. The Guerra family have dedicated 150 of their 384 hectares to coffee. The rest of the farm lies under native forest and is devoted entirely as a nature and watershed preserve.

In the first few years, Don Alfonso planted 150,000 coffee trees on the farm. Don Alfonso’s son, Juan Carlos Guerra has since influenced the farm to increase its focus on quality improvements and speciality coffee production. The farm’s Caturra (70%), Castillo (20%) and Colombia (10%) trees are maintained and with an eye to partner productivity and environmental stewardship. Plots are fertilised twice annually and all control of illnesses and pests are done using products that are certified as being friendly to wildlife.

All coffee at the farm is selectively hand picked before being transported to the farm’s state-of-the-art mill to be pulped on the same day. After pulping the coffee is fermented twice for 25 hours. The first fermentation is anaerobic, occurring at cool temperatures and afterwards, the coffee is fermented aerobically for another 25 hours before being fully washed, graded and transported to dry in African beds.

The farm’s diligent environmental and social practices have led them to achieve Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Kapeh and 4C certification.