Matas de Minas Organic (2kg)


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Hand Roasted Brazilian Coffee

Coffee Roast Type: Dark

Flavour Notes: Dark Chocolate

Body: Heavy, syrupy

Acidity: Low

Coffee Packaging: Biodegradable bag

Farm:  Sitio Furquilho do Rio

Coffee Varietal(s):  Yellow Bourbon

Coffee Processing:  Pulp Natural

Farm Altitude: 1,100-1,300 metres above sea level

Farm Owner:  Mr. Onofre Alves de Lacerda

Town / City: Espera Feliz

Region:  Municipality Espera Feliz , Matas de Minas, Minas Gerais

Country: Brazil

Total size of farm: 12 hectares

Certification: Organic

“Coffee is our passion” says Mr. Onofre Alves de Lacerda, owner of Sitio Furquilho do Rio. This farm's history is a testament to the sincerity of his words: Furquilho do Rio breaks the mold in a country known for mega-plantations and futuristic coffee technology. Even as the proprietors of a small farm (just 12 hectares), the family  has gone above and beyond with processing, varietal separation, and experimentation in a way that is just now emerging among coffee producers in Brazil. The land for the farm was purchased in 1945 by Mr. Manoel Mart Oliveira, Lacerda´s father, and since that time the family has focused on coffee as their main business.

Today the farm has three generations working to produce speciality coffees that have gained a reputation in Brazil.